Dunk Nation

 Michael Jordan never dunked like this!

It’s so simple, it’s genius. We’ve combined basketball and trampolining to create Dunk Nation, where spectacular slam-dunk scores are just a spring-loaded leap away.

With Dunk Nation, anyone can jump. Shoot hoops from distance, take rebounds four feet off the ground and then go for the glory: a trampoline-assisted super-dunk. Many have tried – and quite frankly many have succeeded.

Dunk Nation is great for your basketball skills, great for your fitness and as fun as it gets. You leap, you score!

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten our little jumpers. Mini Dunk Nation in our fun-filled under 6 area lets small guys (and gals) dunk like tall guys!

Who’s it for?

Hoop heads, jump lovers and everyone in-between. As long as an extra springy trampoline leap will get you somewhere near the hoops, you’ll love Dunk Nation.

Mini Dunk Nation in our dedicated under 6 area does just the same job for little jumpers, without the worry of bumping into a six foot basketballer!


Need to know

Dunk Nation is available at all our trampoline arenas – Manchester and Runcorn. No need to book separately – all jumpers can enjoy shooting some epic hoops. There's lots more going on at our trampoline parks, check out our trampoline park features page to find out more.

Oh, and our on-site café, Café Nation, offers a more sedate version of dunking (with a brew and a biscuit) for the less adventurous.

The details

Jump Nation gets very busy so please book online if you can to avoid disappointment, especially for evening, weekend and holiday slots. We recommend you arrive 30 minutes before your session to make sure you’re ready and raring to go in time for your jump slot. All jumpers have to complete a waiver form (jumpers under six need their forms signed by an adult), watch the safety video and get kitted out with Jump Nation socks. 

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1 Hour Jumpers +1 Hour
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1 Hour Jumpers +1 Hour
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