World Autism Awareness Week

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Let's support a great cause

Here are Jump Nation we are supporting Autism Awareness Week.

We want you Jumpers to come down and wear your coolest Pink and Purple Outfits to show your support! We will be having donation boxes at site to allow you to help support this cause. 

More autism sessions

Here's a list of our scheduled Autism sessions at our trampoline pak in Manchester & Walsall:



Saturday 2nd April 2016

Saturday 2nd April 2016
Tuesday 19th April 2016 Saturday 9th April 2016
Tuesday 26th April 2016 Saturday 30 April 2016
Tuesday 3rd May 2016 Saturday 21st May 2016
Saturday 7th May 2016 TBC
Tuesday 10th May 2016 TBC
Saturday 4th June 2016 TBC
Saturday 2nd July 2016 TBC
Saturday 6th August 2016 TBC
Saturday 3rd September 2016 TBC

Saturday 1st October 2016



We are in the process of adding more classes to the Walsall Schedule - let us know when you think the best times should be on our Facebook page. 

Please Note: The Birmingham (Walsall) site is now being managed by Go Jump In.Click here for bookings and more details.

Benefits of trampolining for autism

Published by Jump Nation on March 29, 2016 at 12:56 PM

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