Why Our Smallest Jumpers Love Jump Nation

We like to think we’re an inclusive bunch here at Jump Nation, and that everyone from adults to teens to toddlers can enjoy all the fun of our state-of-the-art trampoline parks.

In fact, we run special Toddler Time sessions for our youngest jumpers so they can explore Jump Nation without fear of being knocked over by older kids or adults. We open up the entire trampoline arena and our big air-bag just for them.

If you’ve ever seen toddlers having fun on a bouncy bed you can imagine their excitement at seeing an entire arena full of the bounciest beds ever!

What’s more, our Toddler Time sessions are healthy, hearty fun. Here’s why.

Exercise (but they won’t know!)

Our Toddler Time kids are too busy having fun to realise that they’re getting all the benefits of an intense activity session.

Trampolining offers kids the same benefits as it offers their parents – it burns calories, builds muscle and bone, and helps keep hearts and lungs healthy.  What’s more, having to adjust their bodies in mid-air and keep themselves upright helps toddlers develop muscle control and coordination.

Making friends

For pre-school kids our Toddler Time sessions are a great way to make new friends. They can socialise and try out their newfound communication skills while having lots and lots of fun.

It’s a great way for kids to learn that making friends, taking turns and following adult instruction can make a good time even better.

Growing confidence

Kids love trampolining because it’s an easy learning curve – the fun starts pretty much straight away, even if they’ve never been near one before.

When even getting it wrong is fun, kids keep going until they get it right. Their mastery of new moves increases confidence and self-esteem, while also instilling the benefits of persistence.

And trampolining isn’t intimidating to less confident or physically able children in the way that some activities and sports can be. Everybody has fun at a trampoline park, whatever their level of ability. 

Safe and sound

At Jump Nation safety is our number one priority. Toddler Time is directed by trained leaders, and activities are pitched at an appropriate level. All arena staff, as well as staff located in other departments on site, are trained in level 3 first aid.

And we’re more than happy for you to come on to the trampolines and help your toddler make the most of all the high-flying fun.

Toddler Time ends with biscuits and a rehydrating drink in our on-site café, Café Nation. The only downside for parents is explaining why the fun has to end at all.

Trampoline park features

Our trampoline parks have lots of amazing and unique features such as the Under 6 zone with mini Dunk Nation, we also have giant airbags, bubble jump and lots more. See the full list on our trampoline park features page.

Published by Jump Nation on October 16, 2016 at 11:38 AM

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