Trampoline Therapy for Children with Autism

Most of the time when we see a child happily bouncing up and down on a trampoline we understand they're enjoying themselves. But, did you know that trampolines are a valuable tool for improving the lives and behaviours of children with autism?

Trampolining and autism

This common tool for exercise is growing in popularity in special education programmes around the country. Children with special needs often need a practical approach to tasks in order to focus. Parents, teachers and carers need to be creative when considering new methods of engagement for little ones who need a little extra attention. Using trampolines to keep your child entertained is a healthy alternative to jumping on your furniture (not so productive). They love the thrill of rebounding off the mat, skyrocketing into mid-air and we love that they're using up their seemingly endless energy. Here are some of the benefits trampolining can bring an autistic child: 

Safety first

Because of the chance of erratic behaviour, some parents consider additional safety features a must. It's important that before playtime you place the trampoline in an area that's free of any dangerous objects. Jump Nations safety net is the perfect enclosure for an overactive child, with high quality netting this prevents any accidental falls. We also additional trampoline park features for those who want to have a go. We recommend that all special needs individuals are supervised at all times. 

Social skills

Many autistic children struggle to interact with their peers because they're considered trapped in their own world. This can mean that children feel excluded and find it difficult to make friends at school. Having a trampoline at home is great way to interact with your child and give them the enjoyment they deserve. Although we advise one on the trampoline at a time, you can support your child and jump along on the side-lines. There are plenty of simple games to get you feeling fit, so you can play as you jump. Why not try clapping and counting while you jump, or singing songs to encourage interactive play? The possibilities are endless with a trampoline in your garden for fun. 

Motor skills

Trampolines are a great way to improve motor skills. This form of exercise provides children with early muscle growth, strengths bones and encourages regular fitness. These skills are especially important for children with special needs. A regular jump regime encourages confidence in children who feel the benefits of fitness. What's more, bouncing around on a trampoline connects the jumper with the outside environment and ensures your child doesn't shy away from physical fitness. Research has shown that children with autism find it difficult to control their actions, but jumping on a trampoline integrates their actions into one simple movement. They're now aware of how their movement impacts their body's surroundings. 

Sensory skills

Children with autism are prone to feelings of anxiety and can become overwhelmed quickly. A trampoline can be used to relieve some of those hidden feelings and release energy in a positive way. This "safe place" is somewhere your child can escape to when everything gets a little too... stressful? We recommend investing in a portable trampoline that is both easy to transport and store. The larger the base the more room for your child to jump around. But if your child is eager for more, join in the fun with our autism friendly classes.  You can book your slots here. There are four autism slots available from April and with each special needs paying visitor, a carer goes free. Please be aware that places are limited and tickets will sell out quickly. 


Traditional learning methods are often difficult for children with autism who learn more effectively when they can combine intellectual development with fun activities. This shouldn't be seen as a setback, but rather an opportunity to interact with your child on a more personal level. For example, instead of counting numbers, why not count cards? This activity can be enjoyed while bouncing on a trampoline and will have your child smiling as they answer your questions holding up colourful cards. This game can be adapted to suit children of different ages and abilities. 

Trampolines provide endless benefits for children with autism. To find out about how our trampoline classes for autistic children combine both fitness and fun, contact our customer services on 0161 710 2360. 

Published by Jump Nation on April 21, 2015 at 1:29 PM

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