The Jump Nation Christmas Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again. We don’t mean it’s Christmas – not yet at least. But we do mean it’s the moment when many of us realise that a) Christmas is just around the corner, and b) we haven’t a clue what to buy for our nearest and dearest. 

If you’re struggling for gift ideas that are a bit more magical than socks, aftershave or chocolates, here are a few suggestions.

For him

The CD you got him last year is at the bottom of the pile, the book has never been opened and you’re pretty sure you saw that lovely cardigan in the window of the local charity shop.

Men can be a pain to buy for, and by men we mean boyfriends, husbands, sons, brothers and dads too. They can be simple souls, but they tend to already own everything they really, really want. 

So why not think experience rather than stuff. Is he into wine? What about a wine appreciation course? (There are beer equivalents, too.)

Is he a petrol head? What about a day of driving a very fast car, very fast, around a real racing circuit?

Does he like football? What about a stadium tour of his beloved club? 

Does he love DIY? Why not get him to grout the bathroom on Christmas Day!? OK, we’re kidding about the grouting, but experience days are the answer for any man who has everything. Give him something to remember. There are plenty of companies that offer experience days, but Virgin Experience Days is a good place to start.

For her

Ask most men and we suspect they’d say the women in their lives are a bit, well, picky. They love fashion, but only their fashion. They love films, but not those films. They loved that band, last year.

OK, we exaggerate a bit, but mums, partners, daughters and sisters can be as tricky to buy for as their male equivalents.  So what to do?

One way out is to be crafty. By which we mean, think of unique presents that the women in your life will love because there isn’t many of them about. That piece of art from a local artist, that hand-knitted scarf from Etsy, or that unique baby grow from Folksy.

The beauty of handmade gifts is that you don’t have to go too far from what you know your mum, sister, daughter, gran or wife will love. The gift will be great because it’s not something they can buy on the high street.

Think beautifully designed diaries or journals, a stylish bag made from recycled material, or handmade cushions or throws.

For the kids

For young children we have only one sensible suggestion. Consult the Christmas lists they have been writing since August.

Actually, here’s another handy tip. Start manging expectations now! Those Christmas lists will now run to four pages and roughly £5,000 per child.

For everyone

If you’re still struggling, how about a gift that combines good health and great fun. A Jump Nation Passport offers blocks of six or 12 prepaid jump sessions with a significant discount on the usual cost.

For example, buying a passport for a block of 12 sessions will save £47.45, so you can buy someone a great present and bag yourself a bargain at the same time. Jump Nation Passports are available for under 6s too.

Find more information about the Jump Nation Passport on our website.

Published by Jump Nation on November 4, 2016 at 10:10 AM

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