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Principle of parkour

Free-running is a martial discipline founded by Sébastien Foucan, who wrote a book on the subject. Foucan started what he termed "free-running" in 2003, which he developed as a more inclusive form of parkour.

The basic principle to free-running, is moving from point A to B in the most fluent and aesthetically pleasing way - Basically, looking as cool as possible whilst you move to a different position - creative movement.

Free-runners tend to move through urban environments, doing tricks and clearing one obstacle to the next. But before they go out into the streets to flip their socks off, they always practice in the gym. Using the trampolines to give them that extra bounce before they do that awesome "how the hell-"trick which amazes everyone. Here at Jump Nation we have some brilliant and unique trampoline park features where you can try out your latest moves.

The key to learning new tricks is to become confident and believing in your ability. The best form of practice for a free-runner, me being one myself, is to do the tricks first into a foam-pit or airbag. Never try anything that is out of your ability, this way you can try tricks without hurting yourself and becoming injured. This is the most important thing to consider before attempting any trick or stunt, assure that you’re safe when practicing.

What you want to wear

With free-running, it’s all about moving fluent and looking good. So you’re clothing needs to be comfy and cool, it’s going to be hard if you’re wearing skinny jeans and a tight coat because your movement is limited. I’d recommend; joggers, shorts and a tee. If you’re practising your tricks on the trampolines and foam-pit/airbag, ensure to wear clothes that won’t limit your movement or damage the materials.

Comfort is key, ensure that you’re wearing comfy clothes that won’t make you get too hot. If working on trampolines ensure to wear some slip-proof socks.

Strength is good, style is better

Free-running doesn't only express your physical strength by moving through environments, it trains your mental strength too. By overcoming obstacles that you may never have done before, allows your mental ability to improve and confidence.

The popular culture of Free-running has advance dramatically over the past years and it has spawned a number of national events such as Red Bull Art of Motion and it is the primary navigation system used in most new computer games such as Assassins Creed. It is the way of movement which allows the characters to look epic and be more creative with their styles.

Style is everything when it comes to free-running! You don’t have to pull of the most advanced double back-flips or other harder tricks to be the best. Using originality and clever simplicity allows for the best sort of moves. This makes free-runners look much cooler and obviously doesn't require as much physical ability. People assume that to be a good free-runner you have to be able to do the hardest of tricks and risk hurting yourself to pull it off, no, even though this is daring and still skillful, the best moves are established through simplicity and originality – something that no one has seen before, it doesn't necessarily have to be hard.

Pasha Petkuns (@pashatheboss) shows exactly this, even though he is a world class free-runner and he is very daring, some of his best moves are so simple and clever that it literally doesn't require much to pull them off. Anyone can be creative and make up moves of their own! In free-running, no one is better that  anyone else, it is all above finding your own style of movement, learning how your body works and then refining your skills.

The 3 main tips to becoming an awesome free-runner:

  1. Train first, always try your tricks first into a foam pit or airbag & use a trampoline for that extra bounce. This allows for safety which is MOST important.
  2. Never try anything out of your ability! Great moves, don’t have to be big moves.
  3. Enjoy it! Don’t be in competition with anyone else, move at your own pace and focus on your own ability.

Published by Jump Nation on April 16, 2015 at 1:20 PM

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