New Year, New You

Let’s get a jump start into 2016!

If you’re planning to make “more exercise” one of your New Year’s resolutions, Jump Nation can get you fit!

Think you outgrew trampolines when you hit your teens? Think again! Trampolining is the perfect exercise to help you achieve your 2016 health and fitness goals and it is listed as one of the most popular forms of exercise for 2016. There is nowhere better to do it than Jump Nation!

Jump Nation fitness classes

Here are 10 reasons why YOU should include Jump Nation fitness classes as part of your fitness plan!

1. Increases your muscle strength and fitness

2. Increases your pulse rate brought about by jumping, meaning more oxygen is pumped around your body more efficiently. You feel healthier and more alert

3. Reduces weight and is actually more efficient than running

4. Improves your cardiovascular health

5. Increases your leg strength

6. It is perceived as easier than traditional aerobic activities

7. Improves your balance

8. Strengthens your core

9. Enhances your co-ordination through multi-directional movements

10. Improves lymphatic drainage

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Published by Jump Nation on December 17, 2015 at 12:32 PM

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