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Britain's Got Talent's Vladimir was left bouncing after the success of his trampoline act on Saturday. His display of slapstick acrobatics, which saw him appear to fall down a ladder, get his head stuck in the springs of the trampoline and crash into a diving board, is different to anything seen on the show before. But, this BGT hopeful is not the first to amaze guests with choreographed routines and creative flair.

Here we take a look at some memorable trampoline acts celebrated across the globe: 

Trampoline wall act 

There's no denying it - trampoline wall shows can be one of the most interesting and acts to watch and this group of young bouncers have created the UK's first one. This incredible trampoline wall act breaks down all language, cultural and age barriers to create an edgy urban show uniting audiences as one. The incredible sight of performers launching themselves from an imposing tower to trampolines with twists and somersaults never fails to impress. 

Gymkana Troupe 

Each year the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe puts on an action-packed performance of aerobics promoting an anti-drug message to students. The group's performance showcases heart-pounding routines, including the famous vaulting act where gymnastics spring from a mini trampolines onto the vault box with impressive criss-crossing handsprings, round-offs and flips. Students clap along as the Troupe demonstrate how healthy living can help people soar above the influence of drugs and alcohol.  

The Crazy Tramps

The Crazy Tramps comedy double act has entertained audiences across the UK and abroad. Bouncing above the heads of onlookers they demonstrate a comedy combination of trampoline tricks, unique stunts and (of course) hilarious performances. These "crazy tramps" complement each other in an unforgettable showdown which will delight audiences of all ages. DISCLAIMER: audience participation may be required.
Trampolining is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise for adults.

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Maybe we will catch one of you on Britains got talent!
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