How Exercise Can Build Children's Confidence

It takes a lot of confidence to be a kid. Whether you're starting a new school, stepping up to bat for the first time or raising your hand in class, kids face a lot of uncharted territory.

Naturally, parents want to instil a can do attitude in their little ones so they can bravely take on new challenges and, over time, believe in their own ability. There's various ways to build confidence but encouraging physical activity is a good place to start. When kids participate in sports they feel part of a team, respected and fuelled by confidence. 

Playing sport will help them make friends

Your school days are special and ones to cherish for years to come, but for children who find friendships hard to come by, it can be a real challenge. It doesn't have to be that way. With sports day, organised events, school trips and PE lessons, children are given many opportunities to practice and exercise their skills. Peers and teachers will respond with interest and excitement when they do well. This is definitely a confidence booster. 

They will learn important life lessons

There are many games where your child may finish last, but you learn this is OK. No one likes a sore loser. We win some, we lose some, but all that's important is that we tried our best. Without this attitude, kids may give up when frustration sets in. Help by encouraging persistence in the midst of setbacks. By trying again, kids learn that obstacles can be overcome. 

They will become stronger

By participating in sport they will become physically stronger. There is nothing better than having the strength and endurance to play outdoors, go for a run, take a bike ride or even jump along on your trampoline. By building strength their confidence will grow as they take on more challenging tasks.

They learn to take charge 

Even if your child doesn't have the athletic capabilities to be the next Olympic medallist, they may have some of the skills needed to lead a team to victory. Kids who join in with regular exercise are more likely to have that competitive drive, determination and ability to push towards future goals. This not only benefits their physical attitude, but their mind is geared to succeed in all areas. 

They find themselves in the process

Young children are surrounded by the pressure to "fit in" with messages about the importance of their looks and popularity, which can take its toll on their self-esteem and even lead to eating disorders. It's unlikely to happen, but sports help encourage positivity as children realise they are valued for more than just their physical appearance. It's also a great release from the stresses of academic work, chores and other childhood worries.

Trampolining is growing in popularity, especially with more children looking to combine fun and fitness. We have lots of trampoline park features at our Manchester, Birmingham and Runcorn arenas.

Find out how our classes can help your children gain confidence, contact our customer services on 0161 710 2360.

Published by Jump Nation on June 29, 2015 at 3:17 PM

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