Health Benefits of Trampolining

The saying always goes that anything fun is generally bad for you. But we can prove that Trampolining is not only extremely good fun, it’s also extremely beneficial health-wise, and here are the reasons why;

At the most basic level, bouncing regularly on a trampoline is 15% more effective in burning calories than you would achieve from running. This in in turn leads to effective weight loss.

They say that trampolining has no age limit, but what if we told you that regular bouncing can in fact make you feel younger? The exercise helps slow down our rapid ageing process, leaving us with a stronger stamina.

Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the UK and in many countries worldwide. This worrying figure is something that is at the forefront of our daily lives as we ensure not only ourselves but the whole family are keeping fit and healthy. Trampolining can help to lower cholesterol, as it increases blood flow and strengthens muscles around our hearts from increased aerobic exercise. This in turn leads to a lower heart rate, therefore decreasing the likelihood of heart disease. Hooray!

Also decreasing are our chances of getting Cancer, as the act of jumping literally squeezes those nasty toxins from our lymphatic system, getting our glands working at least ten times faster than normal.

And for our everyday health, the benefits of trampolining are ever increasing. Not only does it ease pressure on our joints by strengthening tendon ligaments, but it also increases our bone density and surrounding muscles.

Despite the fact there are obvious physical advantages to the lively activity, Trampolining is also great for our mental health. It not only heightens our alertness leading to faster reaction times, but it is great for the production of our feel-good hormones, Endorphins, helping to combat stress.

Thinking of bouncing all year round come rain or shine? Efficient low-risk bouncing outside is a great means of getting that essential Vitamins D we all crave in the winter months.

Back pain is one of life’s real grinds, and many of us spend thousands of pounds each year on a variety of remedies. But the use of a trampoline  such as at one of our trampoline parks can help to prevent the cause of back pain – poor posture. The act of bouncing helps strengthen our back and stomach muscles which are essential in supporting the spine, and at the same time improving balance.

But perhaps the outstanding reason that trampolining is good for you comes from recent scientific studies that have shown it to be able to completely cure type-two diabetes!

Disclaimer: Please note, the above information associated with trampolines and taken from international studies, is intended as general information only and should not be taken as a substitute for health advice. Please seek medical advice if you suffer from any medical condition before using a trampoline.

Published by Jump Nation on January 16, 2015 at 3:18 AM

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