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Guinness World Record for trampoline park

Jump Nation are now the official Guinness World Record holders for the Most Straddle Jumps to be performed on a Trampoline in one minute!

How did we do it?

The pressure was on, our very own Hannah and Kallum set out to beat the record which was a difficult task. Ensuring each straddle jump was executed correctly with toes pointing, legs straight and arms out, it was up to them and the trampoline to make the magic happen!

Both members of staff are trampolinists and are very talented on the 139 trampoline arena, managing to pull off some of the coolest flips and tricks, however this challenge was a test of endurance, Hannah and Kallum needed to be focused and determined.

Practising prior to the attempt was essential, Hannah and Kallum needed to perfect their movements because they can be deducted if their straddle jumps weren’t performed correctly. As trampolinists this is something they had practised on a regular basis so we knew that they would be able to pull it off easily.

Hannah managed to do 56 jumps in 1 minute. This was a great achievement and Hannah was overwhelmed that she was now a Guinness World Record holder for Jump Nation.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us achieve this amazing record, we simply couldn’t have done this without you. We look forward to the future of our new sites and who knows – we could break a few more records!

Published by Jump Nation on January 13, 2016 at 3:44 PM

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