Five alternative Valentine’s Day ideas

We’re sure you’ve remembered that it’s almost Valentine’s Day. You have, haven’t you?

You haven’t! Oh dear.

OK, so the local bistro may be booked out and the florist snowed under, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do Valentine’s Day properly. You just have to think outside the box, and on no account go near that bunch of wilting roses in the 24-hour garage.

Here are five alternative ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Jump Nation

On Tuesday 14 February the UK’s best indoor trampoline parks are open – as usual – for business. But what’s that got to do with romance (we hear you cry)?

Think about it, Jump Nation is the best fun you can have with your feet off the floor. Trampolining is superbly efficient exercise, sending happy hormones flooding through your body.  And being fitter on a trampoline gives you more stamina for…well, for other situations that might require stamina.

In a nutshell, a session at Jump Nation will make you and your partner healthier and happier, and there is nothing so romantic as mutual joy.

Discover your home town

You forgot to book Paris! Again!

A romantic weekend away may be beyond you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic weekend (either immediately before or after the day itself). Be tourists in your own town. Walk hand in hand through the park, book yourself in for afternoon tea at the poshest place in town, or have an afternoon at the local spa. It doesn’t really matter what you do. It only matters that you spend it together, with your focus solely on each other and having fun.


We don’t mean you should spend Valentine’s Day grouting the bathroom (unless that’s your idea of a good time). But how about making your beloved a DIY gift? It needn’t be difficult. How about a playlist of their favourite songs, burned onto a CD or memory stick? Make a scrapbook of your time together. Or – gulp- write them a poem.

Be late

We mean it. Why not avoid Valentine’s Day altogether, and do your own Valentine’s on Tuesday 21st February? The local restaurants will not only be quiet, they’ll be desperate for your business. You’ll get the table you want, at the time you want, with a personal service you can’t expect during the rush of the real Valentine’s Day. And if you want the day off work, you won’t be fighting for it with nearly everybody else in the office.

Enjoy it alone

Of course, if you’re single you might be dreading Valentine’s Day. You shouldn’t. Instead, make the day (or one of the days at the weekend) special for you. Spend the day with another single friend. Go to the theatre or the cinema (where nobody notices or cares if you’re on your own or not). Pamper yourself. And remember, you’re more than welcome at Jump Nation, where you can have as much fun alone as you can in a group.   

Published by Jump Nation on February 9, 2017 at 2:10 PM

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