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There was a time when children would spend their afternoons playing outside. Jump rope, Hopscotch, Red Rover (or Bulldogs Charge for the more adventurous) - it's the excitement of summer rolled into an evening of fun and games. But today's children spend their days cooped up indoors, leaving parents worried that their son or daughter isn't getting enough exercise. So, our challenge is to encourage children to hop off the couch and jump in for some fun. 

Perhaps you've considered getting a trampoline to entertain your little ones but have a few questions. This article will hopefully clear up those trampoline myths and give you the answers you need: 

Trampolines will ruin my lawn 

This is one of the biggest concerns, especially after spending hours creating the most glorious of gardens. But, this is not the case. The trampoline mat lets sunlight through to your grass which allows for protection and growth. You will however have to move your mat around to ensure your garden is properly maintained. The first job is to find a suitable location for your trampoline. You will have to place the equipment in a tree-free zone. There's nothing more traitorous than rebounding into a branch or prickly bush - that's definitely not what you want. The trampoline can also be a centrepiece for your entertainment area. Place chairs around for parents to supervise and relax with a glass of wine as your children enjoy jumping. 

Trampolines are toys

This couldn't be further from the truth as trampolining is one of the fastest growing sports for adults. Your trampoline isn't reserved for children. While some people buy trampolines from a competitive point of view, others are just looking for a good work out. For instance, experienced gymnasts practice aerobics and routine stunts on trampolines. The benefits include getting fitter, building confidence, discipline and of course learning a new skill that could potentially lead to an Olympic medal for those who excel at it. 

All trampolines are the same 

The kind of trampoline you want will depend on the use. If you're looking for a family trampoline then a recreational model is best. These come in all different shapes and sizes, from rectangular, horizontal and octagonal, as well as circular. Sports enthusiasts will be looking for the competitive trampoline with a far sturdier base to support those bigger jumps, twists and turns. This type usually comes in a rectangular shape, but there's also the mini-trampoline or rebounder which, because of its size, can be used indoors. 

I can't afford a trampoline

We can't promise to understand your financial situation, but we can promise you that a trampoline will cost far less than you expect. Trampolines range from £100 to £250 depending on the size, weight, height and whether a safety net is included. Because a trampoline is an economical investment this means it can be enjoyed by five year olds and "I'm bored" teens - even mums and dads can benefit from the exercise. 

Insurance policies won't cover a home with a trampoline 

It's true that if you plan to add a trampoline to your outdoor space, you'll have to contact your insurance agent. But this doesn't stop with trampolines. If you decide to build a swimming pool or hot tub in your garden the same applies. The main concern is safety and garden security. For instance, if your garden is set on uneven ground you may be required to completely enclose your trampoline inside a fence that is at least six feet tall. 

Trampolines can't be used safely 

As the case with everything from bicycles, roller state to kitchen knives, it's important for adults as well as children, to take precautions. For example, once children began to wear helmets when riding bikes, the risk was minimised. The same applies for trampoline use. Some rules to follow to ensure your child is safe to bounce are:

  • Always supervise your child when on the trampoline to access potential danger.
  • Discourage your children from preforming any "stunts" including, somersaults, flips and twists. 
  • It is important to prevent your child from bringing any toys or sharp objects on the trampoline. 

If you stick to these rules then not only is your family free to enjoy the trampoline, but you can relax in the knowledge that your child is safe. 

We hope to have cleared up some of your earlier concerns about trampolines and explained the benefits to your health. Now your children are seasoned jumpers, why not visit our largest indoor trampoline arenas, Jump Nation. We offer your family unrivalled high-flying fun with large trampoline rooms and fitness classes. And lets not forget our amazing trampoline park features, which are great for all the family.

Published by Jump Nation on May 20, 2015 at 2:34 PM

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