Birthday Ideas

We understand that planning a party can be daunting, especially in terms of throwing a bash that gets everybody taking part and having fun. We've compiled a list of our top 10 Birthday ideas to give you a little inspiration.

1. Fancy dress

We don't think anything can beat a good old fancy dress-themed birthday party, and this is why it's number 1. From superheroes, alphabet parties, celebrities and movie characters, give anyone the chance to get creative and your fancy dress party will no doubt be a success.

2. Indoor beach party

This one may require a bit of well-spent time and money. With the typical English weather, why not turn your garage or designated room into a giant sandpit accompanied with a paddling pool and not forgetting the all-important swim up beach bar. Play some chilled tunes and you and your guests could be transported to a hot tropical destination.

3. Around the world theme

Again, the fancy-dress aspect of this party means people will get creative with a turnout of weird and wonderful costumes. Think pinatas filled with sweets, cowboys running riot in the Wild West, or even a tropical Hawaiian Luau complete with plenty of Leis and pineapples - aloha!

4. Treasure hunt

Planning a treasure hunt can be really rewarding for all involved, especially if there is a competitive edge! We think this idea is great for getting the kids out into the fresh air, beating the clock and solving clues.

5. Games console party

Dig out your Xbox, PlayStation or even dust off the Karaoke machine if you're feeling extra brave. Get everyone round for an intense gaming session, provided there are lots of sweets to keep you fuelled.

6. Trampoline Party

We're not biased (honestly) but we do think that a trampoline party is guaranteed to get all party goers having a blast. Here at Jump Nation, we offer unique parties for all ages, and even have our very own dedicated party planner who will work with you to conjure up a memorable experience for all.

7. Magic show party

Hiring a magician to perform mind-blowing tricks will get any party going, although we recommend avoiding the 'scary clown' character, this might not go down well with a younger audience!

8. Garden Carnival

This one would be best on a summer's day and might require a few weeks of preparation. Turn your garden into your very own Rio-themed Carnival. We say the best recipe for success is a combination of fun party games, face painting and of course, music!

9. Cake Decorating party

Instead of having to go through the process of baking the birthday cake or ordering it in, get your guests to do the hard work and save yourself hours of slicing and wrapping. Provide each guest with their own individual fairy cake, a cooking 'station', lots of icing, and get them decorating. However, be prepared for a lot of cleaning up after, especially if it involves the kids.

10. Waterpark party

We admit that this theme may only work best when the weather is warmer and it may leave your lawn in tatters, but we think it's one of the most fun ways to celebrate your birthday with a splash. All you need is some fairy liquid, a couple of ground sheets, (a responsible adult!) a hosepipe, and you can recreate your very own river rapids.

Published by Jump Nation on December 5, 2014 at 2:46 AM

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