The Affordable After School Club Your Kids Will Love

As many parents will be all too aware, kids that have been cooped up in a classroom all day can have a lot of energy to burn. And burn it they can with Jump Nation’s brand new (and totally awesome) After School Club.

Our After School Club is a great way to let kids jump, dunk and tumble away all that pent up energy, and it’s affordable too. Children up to the age of 15 get 50% off normal entry prices between 3pm and 7pm every school day.

After School Club is available at all of our Jump Nation arenas: Manchester, Birmingham and Runcorn. And we’ve helped out with that other home time headache too. All kids’ meals in our on-site café, Café Nation, are just £3 during After School Club hours, including a drink.

We think those are pretty good reasons to bring your own whirlwinds of energy to a Jump Nation After School Club. Here are a few more.

Children need to move

Children love to move and of course exercise is a crucial element in the fight against rocketing rates of childhood obesity.

But evidence also suggests that kids need to move in order to think. Or to put it simply, exercise helps kids do better at school.

That was the conclusion of a study run by the University of Illinois in the US, which found that the more kids attended an after school exercise programme, the better they were at academic-type tasks.

But the exercise programme wasn’t a hard core sports session. It just encouraged kids to run, jump, laugh and play. All the things they do naturally at Jump Nation, of course.

Physical play makes children happy

We want our children to do well at school, but we also want them to be happy. Positive self-esteem, confidence and strong friendships are all ingredients that help create children who are content in the classroom.

Physical activity boosts them all. In fact, a study by British Heart Foundation researchers published in 2015 found that running, jumping, swimming and active play of any kind has a positive impact on children’s social and emotional development.

“The evidence showed a strong link between physically active children and improved self-esteem, confidence, attention span and even academic achievements,” said study author Professor Charlie Foster.

Physical activity also had links to peer acceptance and friendship, the study found.

Jumping for joy

Trampolining provides all the benefits of any fun physical activity - and a few more. For instance, it doesn’t matter if children are ‘sporty’ or not, they all have fun at Jump Nation. Kids of any ability quickly find that they can do far more than they might have thought.

And perhaps most important of all, after a day of times tables and proper nouns, an hour at Jump Nation is an hour of pure, unadulterated fun. That’s got to be good for everyone.

To benefit from this offer visit our After School Club page and enter BACK2SKOOL when you reach the checkout.

Trampoline park features

Our trampoline parks are burstin with lots of activities for all the family, visit our trampoline park features page to find out more.

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Published by Jump Nation on October 9, 2016 at 11:29 AM

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