Stay safe at Jump Nation

Jump Nation’s primary concern is the safety of its participants

There are a strict set of rules in place to ensure that the most fun is had by all in the safest way possible. All arena staff are trained in how to supervise on the arena in the most effective way and how to challenge those who are not abiding by the rules.

Sadly from time to time accidents will happen as trampolining is classed as an "extreme sport". This can be due to people landing awkwardly or tripping over, as well as any number of medical emergencies. However, when the worst does happen Jump Nation staff are fully equipped to deal with this, they are trained to exceptionally high standards with a significant investment having been made in their training.

First aid & medical training

All arena staff, as well as staff located in other departments on site are trained in level 3 first aid, a comprehensive qualification covering all areas of initial triage and patient care. There is also always staff on site who are trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillation, as well as all arena supervisors and managers being trained to an even higher standard, First Person on Scene. This is a comprehensive course that builds on the Level 3 qualification and includes scene management (safety, triage, safe moving and handling of casualty), respiration and airway management (recognition of respiratory problems, choking, airway management and administration of oxygen), CPR, Infection management, Automated External Defibrillation, Circulation and shock (recognition and initial care of a haemorrhage, bleeding including tourniquets and shock), damage (general bone and joint injuries, head injuries, spinal & pelvic injuries, chest injuries, burns and eye injuries), environment (heat stroke, dehydration and hypothermia) and medical related emergencies (heart/angina attack, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy, asthma and anaphylaxis] .

This qualification is equivalent to that of a basic paramedic. These staff members are also able to administer Entonox gas for pain relief if required. Finally, there are also staff on site trained in spinal board extraction (to safely remove casualties from the arena if required).

All of this training ensures that no matter what happens you will be looked after in the best possible way whilst at a Jump Nation facility.     

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